Long operation time thanks to Rubber Kink Protection Plus

In cooperation with leading customers and our R&D department, we developed the Rubber Kink Protection Plus.

The significant advantages are:

  • Avoids damages due to too low bending near the fitting
  • Long operation time of the hose line
  • Antistatic chloroprene rubber (CR; suitable for Ex zones)
  • Self-extinguishing and UV-resistant
  • Fully crosslinked due to vulcanisation directly on the hose
  • Suitable for various hose types
  • Applicable for all common hose diameters
  • Customer-specific marking possible

Only to be purchased in combination with a hose line.

Remarkable features of the Rubber Kink Protection Plus are the resistance to ageing, UV and climatic influences, ozone attacks as well as the flame resistance (self-extinguishing material). It reinforces the transition from the fitting to the free hose and therefore reduces the susceptibility to kink in this particularly fragile area. Optimal adhesion is obtained by means of vulcanisation. Therefore, the kink protection extends the service life of the hose and prevents disturbances during the work process. The Rubber Kink Protection Plus consists of chloroprene rubber (CR, conductive).