Consistent production with customised filter belts for tower presses

The food industry is a strictly controlled and monitored sector – and rightly so. Crafted from polypropylene and polyester in a twill weave, our filter fabrics comply with EU and FDA food grade standards. Additionally, our custom engineered and manufactured filter belts for tower presses solve numerous problems typically encountered in food processing.

Tower presses in the food industry: key role and challenges

Tower presses are used to separate solid and liquid particles, making them indispensable in the food industry as well as other sectors. Standard tower presses often struggle with recurring challenges.

One issue our customers faced was misalignment of running filter belts and inadequate food certification, especially when processing products with a high protein content. However, our belts effectively resolved these challenges – tripling the belt’s lifespan and proving our food grade certificate invaluable. PCC (precipitated calcium carbonate) often causes belt failures due to process-related holes. Our multi-layer PPV 50359 effectively mitigates such problems and stands out for its exceptional strength and resilience. In addition to an extended lifespan, it also retains very fine particles with exceptional efficiency. In particular, the PP 11261 fabric, which is often used with starch, caused the metal collector to detach. This malfunction increases the risk of contamination and product loss. We successfully reduced both risks by improving the collector attachment.

To summarise the most important benefits:

  • Expended lifespan
  • Exceptional strength and resilience
  • Efficient retention of very fine particles
  • Effective cake discharge
  • Invaluable food grade certificate

Technical properties and key data

Our filter belts for tower presses are available in maximum widths of up to 1.7 m and lengths of up to 215 m and enable reliable straight running with perfect separation efficiency. Furthermore, they are easy to clean and have a high mechanical resistance. Air permeability is possible in a range from 0.5 to 270 l/dm²*min. Our pre-stretched belts as well as our special fixation minimise the expansion and shrinkage properties, resulting in consistent production and effective cake discharge. Find more information on custom engineered and manufactured filter belts for tower presses in our white paper.

The Markert sales engineers support you in the selection of the perfect filter for your specific applications.

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