The Kunstforum

The Markert Group has been committed to the fine arts through its sponsorship for many years – inspired by the entrepreneur Klaus Markert himself, who has created a highly regarded body of work as a painter over decades. In this way, the Kunstforum team is making a social contribution to a lively and foward-looking cultural life, whose impact is felt both within the company and among its customers.

The exhibition of art in different rooms at the Markert Group premises in Hamburg and Neumünster has a long tradition. The Kunstforum Markert grew out of this in 2006, providing active and direct support to visual artists. These include regular exhibitions of contemporary art in the Markert Group's former factory buildings in Hamburg-Hamm, which are curated by Dr. Thomas Gädecke since 2022.

Artists can not only present and sell their works at the Kunstforum, the Kunstforum also supports them in printing a catalogue to make their work known to a large audience during and after the exhibition. The costs for this as well as for posters and invitations are borne by the Markert Group. In this way, the Kunstforum is in no way competing with local galleries, but rather hopes to draw their attention to talented artists.

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