Whether it’s hose or filter technology – we offer young people the chance to learn their trade from the best in both branches of our company. At Markert, you can expect practical, diverse training with prospects for shaping your career path at the company.

Benefits of the training program at Markert:
  • Explore new fields of work
  • Experience practical work
  • Be involved in ongoing projects within the company
  • Apply knowledge in a theoretical and practical environment
  • Deepen your knowledge through assigned tasks
  • Be ahead of others in our time
  • Have the opportunity to become a permanent employee of the Markert Group.
  • Free lunch
  • Flexible time management


Training in the Markert Group
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Starting a job at Markert
Apprentices’ experience:
Jan Philipp Höger

Jan Philipp Höger

One of our apprentices, Jan Philipp Höger, is having his training in the purchasing department at Markert Filtration GmbH. Reacting to the current changes in the market he learned and successfully found a new supplier.

The training so far prepares him for further, similar situations and enables him to deal with them professionally and find solutions for future challenges.

Sarah Voigt

Sarah Voigt

Sarah Voigt, an apprentice at Markert Filtration GmbH who got to know different departments and their functions and discovered what she enjoys doing throughout the practice in the field of textile filter media. Starting with small projects, she was involved in creating sample folders. She has gained more knowledge in both, theory and practice. This makes the training varied at Markert Filtration GmbH.

Lasse Gerst

Lasse Gerst

"Training at Markert gives me the responsibility to process orders and offers by my own", Lasse Gerst says, who is also an apprentice.

An example: when he was doing a research to find a new product that Markert wanted to add to its selection or at least for some hose lines.

They tried different hoses that they wanted to use as protection for the main hose, making sure that it is light and thin enough but still strong enough as a protection. This helped him understand and learn more regarding the product range.

Lasse got the opportunity to test whether everything fits and whether it is conductive. The process of researching and testing was still a good learning experience and was a success for him as an apprentice.

He also issued an “Introduction Script” for the customer relationship management-system to help understand how important the processes are.

This also guided him to understand more deeply how the different filter and hoses processes flows and it also helped two new colleagues to understand the way it works. All these points show that apprentices at Markert have possibilities to do certain things but also put them to test situations – and they can grow from the experiences and new challenges that other employees do as well.

Nele Loczenski

Nele Loczenski

In 20 weeks she interned at Markert Filtration GmbH, she gained new and interesting experiences. She was involved in many topics that made her able to apply her theoretical knowledge very well in practice. Her work at Markert varied a lot and was always exciting to her – she learned a lot about issues like labour law, payroll systems, time management, education, election of works council, etc.

From the beginning, she always felt well integrated into the team. This internship has helped her on both: a professional and personal level.

Rachael Cau

Rachael Cau

The past 4 months have been an experience according to Rachael Cau, an intern at Markert Filtration GmbH in the Marketing Department. She will never forget all the lessons she picked up along the way. Even though she did her internship a bit different from the other trainees or apprentices at Markert Filtration GmbH and Markert Marsoflex GmbH, because she had her internship mostly online due to COVID and her concern towards it.

Although, it did not stop her from finishing her tasks and learning new things every time she was given a new work. From helping in organizing the offline exhibitions Markert attended, to creating articles and content for the website, and contacting different employees around Markert regarding news and many more.

She often had contact with the printing and design agencies as well, where she exchanged her thoughts and ideas with her team and the agency to be able to create a well-made concept in the contents for Markert.

This is a program she found important and helpful for her future, especially since she could apply her theory and practical lessons she have learned during class into the internship and dig deeper the knowledge she can receive throughout the internship.


Markert Gruppe
Markert Filtration GmbH
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Head of HR and Training
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