Our filter cloths are manufactured especially for horizontal chamber and membrane filter presses of all kinds, up to a plate width of 3 metres.

The plastics, yarns and bonds used, and an innovative and perfect design, correspond with your production processes. This allows us to generate an excellent cake-release performance, a clear filtrate, a dry cake, maximum throughput and the longest service life for your applications.

In addition, filter cloths have high chemical resistance and the best mechanical resistance with a low level of stretching.

We offer a vast range, from the finest to the coarsest separation performance, tailored to suit your specific requirements, and we can put it all together in the fastest time possible. Benefit from our specialists’ wealth of experience. Make use of the expertise we're gaining every day.

Areas of application: Preparation and dewatering of ores, chemical and pharmaceutical products, food and other versatile filtration processes

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