Regardless of the physical state, our hose systems can transport any medium safely to it’s destination. You will find our products in refineries, open pit mining, in the chemical industry, in plant and mechanical engineering as well as in filling and dosing systems and for sure in the pharmaceutical industry.


Cleanliness and precision are the priorities for pharmaceutical industry processes. In spite of the strict requirements, marsoflex® pharmaceutical hoses can guarantee the hygienic and safe transportation of your medium. Our products are fulfilling the highest standards.

examples of usage:
The manufacture of drugs and medications.

You need to be careful when working with chemicals. marsoflex® chemical hoses prevent hazardous materials from leaking out and make a big contribution to protecting your employees.

examples of usage:
Loading and unloading tanker lorries, tanker trucks and tanker ships, and equipping machinery, systems and instruments

There are precise regulations for contact with foodstuffs which we fulfil conscientiously with our marsoflex® products with regard to the materials used and their process integration.

examples of usage:
Filling of liquid and solid food products such as flour, sugar, wine, beer, juice, milk, oil and alcohol up to 96%.

The development of the heavy industry is important for the economy of numerous countries. Due to the high mechanical stress, efficient hoses are required in this area of application. With our marsoflex® stainless-steel corrugated tube hoses, we can ensure that the processes run smoothly.

According to the requirements, they are manufactured ready to be integrated with welded hose connections.

Our marsoflex® pyro heat protection products offer effective protection for cables and hoses.

examples of usage:
Foundries, steelworks and roller mills

Our marsoflex® hoses offer safe transportation of numerous liquid or solid media. To do this, hoses are used which have been adapted to suit the medium being transported, including application-specific connections and couplings.

examples of usage:
Examples of use: Loading and unloading tanker lorries, rail tankers and tanker ships.


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