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Micro sieve

System: Micro sieve drum
Examples of use: 4. Cleaning level sewage water in treatment plants

Filter hoses for candle filters

Our filter hoses, filter fabrics and support fabrics are supplied in seamless, sewn or welded variants. In this connection, we use textile, high-quality materials.

System: Candle filters
Areas of application: Chemical industry, alumina & food
Examples of use: Production of chlorine (chlorine electrolysis), production of sugar

Fluidisation funnels

Our fluidisation funnels are used in silo vehicles for the even, trouble-free transport as well as for fast unloading of bulk goods.

System: Silo vehicles
Areas of application: Food, chemical industry, Mineral & Mining
Examples of use: Use in the loading and transport of bulk goods

Catching baskets for pelletising systems

Our catching baskets are used in the pharmaceutical industry and are especially produced for catching the pellets (pharmaceutical active agents).

System: Fluid bed dryers
Areas of application: Food
Examples of use: Pharma tabletting

Filter discs

These filters are suitable above all for suspensions with a low solid content. We offer solutions in a wide variety of pore sizes.

System: Horizontal disc filters
Areas of application: Food, chemical industry




Filters for fluid bed dryers

The high-quality processing of thefilters for fluid bed dryers guarantees perfect filtration. The welded seam enables us to guarantee little particle loss of your medium. We offer the filters for fluid bed dryers in different sizes, weaving patterns and air permeabilities in an antistatic execution.n an antistatic fabric.

Examples of use: Food, pharma
System: Fluid bed dryers
Areas of application: Food, chemical industry

Loading hoses

Loading hoses guarantee effective and emission-free discharge, loading and delivery of bulk goods in all weather conditions.

Examples of use: Bulk good loading
System: Loading systems
Areas of application: Alumina, food, chemical industry

Filters for dust filtration

In addition to perfect filtration performance and efficiency, dust filters offer easy cake discharge, manufacturing quality for a long service life and high temperature resistance.

Examples of use: Filtration/retention of dust (concrete/lime works)
System: Cartridge filters
Areas of application: Food, chemical industry

Filter plates and membranes for filter presses

We supply suitable filter plates for all filter presses and tower presses. This includes e.g. chamber plates and membrane plates as well as loose membranes for exchange or upstream installation.

Areas of application: Alumina, Mineral & Mining, food, chemical industry 
Examples of use: Filter presses in all production areas

Steel segments for disc filters

Our disc filter sectors offer high durability with simultaneous very low weight of less than 10 kg. Thanks to their special design, they are the perfect supplement for the filter bags. 

Areas of application: Alumina

Plastic support grids for automatic press filters

Depending on the application temperature, we can offer you plastic support grids made of different materials. They offer perfect dewatering performance and high durability.

Areas of application: Alumina, Mineral & Mining, food, chemical industry 

Plastic segments for disc filters

Our plastic segments for disc filters distinguish themselves by their easy handling. 

Areas of application: Alumina, Mineral & Mining

Rubber membrane for filter presses and tower presses

Depending on the application conditions, we offer rubber membranes made of different materials.

Areas of application: Alumina, Mineral & Mining, food, chemical industry 

Feeding shoe for mining cloths

Use of the feeding shoes makesany additional sealing unnecessary. It allows for simple and easy filter cloth exchange and operation of the filter cloth.

Areas of application: Alumina, Mineral & Mining 

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