The quick couplings are fast to connect, robust, easy to use and innovative.

Tank truck couplings according to DIN EN 14420-6

The most frequently used fitting in Europe for transporting liquid goods.

Lever arm couplings according to DIN EN 14420-7

The lever arm coupling is also known as the camlock coupling and is used for transportation of liquids and solids.

Hydrant couplings

Our hydrant couplings are predominantly used by fire brigades thanks to their quick and simple assembly.

Lever arm couplings with safety fittings according to DIN EN 14420-7

A coupling with an additional safety fitting on the lever arm to prevent it from opening unintentionally.

Compressed air and water couplings

This coupling system is used globally in construction and industrial projects for the supply of compressed air.

Plug couplings

Our plug couplings are available in different versions. They can be operated with one hand, and therefore offer a light coupling and an end coupling.