Our elastomer hoses can be used universally and ensure the safe transportation of your medium.

Type L suction and pressure hose NBR

The foodstuff suction and pressure hose is suitable for products containing oils, fruit juices and alcoholic drinks with a low alcohol content.

Type 48 HW chemical and pharmaceutical hose Biopharm

The 48 HW with a conductive, highly pure UPE tube can be used universally in all applications in the pharmaceutical and foodstuffs industries.

Type 50 HW PTFE premium chemical hose

Universal and premium chemical hose with black, conductive and ultra-smooth PTFE tube. Suitable for all explosive zones.

Type 44 HW suction and pressure hose FEP

Our suction and pressure hose with a white FEP tube and black cover is perfectly suited to the suction and pressure transportation of almost all aggressive chemicals.

Type 45 HW suction and pressure hose UPE

Universal chemical hose with black, conductive UPE tube. Suitable for approx. 95% of all media occurring in the chemical industry, as well as for all explosive zones.

Type LTW-UPE light suction and pressure hose

The LTW-UPE can be used wherever low bending forces are required, and is resistant against chemicals, ozone and weather influences.

Type 40 HW suction and pressure hose EPDM

EPDM suction and pressure hose for transporting many solvents and chemicals.

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