Our high-quality hose connections are resistant against many chemicals.

Universal safety clamps, heavy design

The heavy design universal quick-action fitting is resistant to extreme stress, such as high temperatures.

Universal quick-action fittings, type approval TÜV.A.323

The universal quick-action fittings, type approval TÜV.A.323 offer a high degree of safety for the user and a long service life. The universal quick-action fittings, type approval TÜV.A.323 offer a high degree of safety for the user and a long service life.

Flanged hose fittings

Flanged hose fittings suitable for 25 bar (PN25).

ReLock® – three-part reusable screw fitting

Our three-part screw fitting is a high-quality, reusable screw fitting for the silicone hoses SIL200, SIL300, SIL300PTFE, SIL350PTFE, SIL-C, SIL-R and SIL-W. It was specially developed to meet the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical and biochemical industries.

Connections with female and male threads according to pipe thread standards such as R, G and NPT

According to EN 14420-5 with female and male threads, suitable for 25 bar operating pressure.

Fixed-type and loose-type flange

Fixed-type and loose-type flanges according to EN 14420-4, suitable for 25 bar operating pressure.

Tri clamps according to ISO 2852 / 32676

The tri clamp connections are known for their durable structure with continuously smooth and corrosion-free surfaces. Mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Aseptic flanges according to DIN EN 11864-2

Safety clamps with aseptic flanges, suitable for 16 bar operating pressure.

Aseptic connections according to DIN EN 1864 or DIN 11864

Safety clamps with aseptic connections according to DIN 11864 (-1,-2,-3) in pipe series A, B and C.

Steam screw connections according to EN 14423

The steam screw connections are resistant to maximum temperatures of 230°C and 100 bar operating pressure. Heavy design female and male hose tail with safety clamps.

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