Hose assemblies are omnipresent in industrial applications, whether in a refinery or in high-purity pharmaceutical processes: Industrial hose assemblies are used universally. It should be noted, however, that hose assemblies are pressurised components that often carry critical media and vary enormously:

  • PTFE liner material
  • Cover material
  • Vacuum resistance of the hose
  • Abrasion properties of the cover
  • Integration of the fittings
  • Conductivity
  • Approvals for materials used

In order to reliably rule out any risk to people, the environment and the plant, expert advice is absolutely essential. As the manufacturer, we are your expert and at your side to assist you with advice and action.

Markert has decades of expertise and offers the widest range of products on the market. Coupled with our large central warehouse and quick response times, we are your contact when it comes to industrial hose assemblies.

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