The high quality of our PTFE hoses is shown by their flexibility and high resistance against almost all chemicals.

Type CA - PTFE - corrugated hose, black

Highly flexible PTFE hose with the highest level of resistance against aggressive media. Thanks to the black, conductive tube, suitable for all explosive zones.

Type C - PTFE - corrugated hose, white

Resistance against chemicals, acids, steam and pharmaceutical products.

Type 50 HW PTFE premium chemical hose

Universal and premium chemical hose with black, conductive and ultra-smooth PTFE tube. Suitable for all explosive zones.

SIL 300 PTFE for the pharmaceutical industry

The tube of this innovative hose consists of high-quality PTFE. This material allows it to be used for almost all pharmaceutical and chemical applications. The hose also impresses thanks to its high flexibility and temperature resistance. The smooth silicone cover also has FDA approval. If you wish, we can supply the hose with an extractable study.

Smooth hose type GA, black with spiral

High-quality, flexible PTFE smooth hose with vacuum spiral. The smooth tube prevents the formation of dust pockets. Thanks to the black, conductive PTFE, it is suitable for all explosive zones.

Smooth hose type G

High-pressure PTFE smooth hose with a high chemical resistance for chemical, pharmaceutical and foodstuff applications.

Smooth hose type GC, white with spiral

Can be used for applications where a smooth hose with a high degree of flexibility is required. Suitable for highly purified media.

Type SIL 350 PTFE for the pharmaceutical industry

Highly flexible and extremely durable silicone hose with conductive PTFE tube.
Highly innovative and unique in this design.

Polypropylene braid

Pressure carrier for various application.

Polypropylene braid B6 electrically conductive

Pressure carrier for various application, can be used in Ex-zones.

Available braidings and hose covers for PTFE hoses

Pressure carrier for various applications