The durable silicone hoses are used where hygiene and cleanliness are top priority.

SIL 300 PTFE for the pharmaceutical industry

The tube of this innovative hose consists of high-quality PTFE. This material allows it to be used for almost all pharmaceutical and chemical applications. The hose also impresses thanks to its high flexibility and temperature resistance. The smooth silicone cover also has FDA approval. If you wish, we can supply the hose with an extractable study.

Type SIL 350 PTFE for the pharmaceutical industry

Highly flexible and extremely durable silicone hose with conductive PTFE tube.
Highly innovative and unique in this design.

Type SIL – W

Wire-reinforced silicone hose, ready for use in cleanrooms, with complete vacuum resistance. Does not transfer smells or tastes.

Type SIL – R

Textile-reinforced silicone hose for high flexible and applications with a high eapplications.

Type SIL - C

Flexible silicone hose, ready for use in cleanrooms, for the highest cleanliness and hygiene requirements.

Type SIL 100

The type SIL 100 is resistant to extreme temperatures, ozone, radiation, moisture, compression, and weather and chemical influences.

Type SIL 200

The textile-reinforced silicone hose type SIL 200 has high pressure resistance and can be used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry, as well as in biotechnology.

Type SIL 300

This wire-reinforced silicone hose can be used for vacuum and pressurised processes.

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