Lower costs due to longer lifetime The PTFE protector against hose failure

Users of flanged hoses are frequently confronted with leaking flange connections due to damaged PTFE lining. The PTFE protector provides reliable protection for this.

Failures of this kind can result in leakage of the media through the hose connection. This can cause downtime in production, since the affected hoses have to be replaced. In cases where hoses carry toxic or hazardous fluids, hose failure can have even far-reaching consequences.

Avoiding damages of PTFE linings

In many applications, it is necessary to protect the whole PTFE hose system including the hose fittings against the medium. To do this, the PTFE liner is flared through the fitting and folded back (tafting) over the sealing surface. Beside the hose cover, the sealing surface is the part of the hose that is subject to the highest mechanical strain. Yet although a damaged lining means a defective hose line, the sealing surface is seldom given additional protection.

“Customers who regularly experience mechanical damage on lined fittings naturally complain about high costs for hose replacement, as well as uncertainty in assessing the quality of the lined connections. The PTFE protector offers these users a solution that has become well established in modern industrial use.”

Sönke Schmalfeld, Sales Expert Hoses in the Markert Group

Mechanical damage to lined flange connections is quite normal. For example, investigations by a major customer found that 90 % of all PTFE hose failures were attributable to defective lined sealing surfaces. Especially at shutdowns or multi-purpose systems, the hose has to be disassembled, transported, assembled etc. and therefore underlies an increasing risk of being damaged. Because, even if a PTFE lined flange is only slightly damaged, due to its low notch toughness there is a risk that stress from pressure, temperature etc. will enlarge the tear and allow medium to escape. For such cases the PTFE protector provides additional protection – and this as a modular element.

The solution: How the PTFE protector works

The PTFE protector protects the PTFE lined sealing surface. The tough PTFE protector can drastically reduce causes of defects of the lining, respectively sealing surface. In case of a defect, it can be replaced as a single component, instead of the entire hose.

Your practical advantages:

  • Additional protection of the liner / hose body - 4 mm thick PTFE protector
  • Mechanically resilient PTFE lining for long lifetime of the hose
  • The protector can be replaced
  • Prevention of PTFE cold flow and hence protection of the lining
  • Full coverage over the entire DIN/ANSI sealing surface
  • Additional protection of the lining while assembly, disassembly, transportation and storage

Hoses with PTFE protector have demonstrated their superiority, especially during shut downs, when emptying or rinsing columns, or moving corrosive chemicals. The modular PTFE protector significantly extends the service life of lined PTFE hoses, thus making a long lasting contribution to reducing your costs.

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