When things heat up:

Heat protection with the Markert Pyro products

Heat is a constant in manufacturing operations. Our Pyro products offer the necessary heat and fire protection for hoses, cables and employees.

In the chemical industry, aircraft and ship construction, petroleum refineries, and steel and smelting works, the transportation of extremely hot media or superheated steam, as well as flames, can cause all kinds of damage and injury. It may not always be possible to entirely eliminate such risks, but the right protection can substantially reduce them.

Effective protection from heat and flame

For demanding environments like this, or as special heat and fire protection for hoses, cables and other objects, Pyro products are the answer. They are made of braided, woven or knitted e-glass filament yarn, and have a thick coating of special silicone on one or both sides.

Our Pyro products always maintain high mechanical resistance and good abrasion strength. The glass fabric provides outstanding insulation. The silicone coating is highly resistant against most industrial chemicals and hydraulic oils.

“With their special silicone coating, our Pyro products offer effective protection against molten metal splashes, welding sparks and brief flame exposure. Hot fluids simply bead off the surface so they can’t leave encrustations.”

Jan-Phillip Matthies, Sales Expert Hoses in the Markert Group

In practice, this provides heat and fire protection and insulation for hoses, cables, objects and people, and extends the life of hoses. The main advantages:

  • Safety for users through insulation to the outside
  • Protection for hoses from high heat and fire hazards
  • Tyre presses: insulation of steam hoses
  • Marine engine manufacture: heat and fire protection

Flexible use: Our Pyro heat protection

Resistant to temperatures up to approx. 260°C in constant use, approx. 1,090°C for 15-20 minutes and approx. 1,640°C for 15-30 seconds. The material is asbestos-free and non-hazardous. The Markert Pyro products are offered in a range of versions and sizes, and thus can be adapted to your individual needs:

  • Hose configuration to protect hoses, in all standard diameters for a perfect fit on the hose.
  • Sheet (Pyro mat) to protect large surfaces; can be specially cut to your needs
  • Pyro band for wrapping hoses, cables and pipes
  • Liquid in tubes for special applications

We also make complete hoses with our Pyro heat protection, for example for hydraulic and cooling water applications. For more details on dimensions, approved application areas and technical data, see our product data sheet.

Interested in the Markert Pyro heat protection? Contact one of our hose experts in your region. You can easily find the right contact in our search function lower down on this page. Together with you we’ll analyse the conditions of use, and advise you on selecting the right products.