Durable hose systems for the food industry – Markert analyses, and gives advice on, suitable materials

Selecting a suitable material for hose systems, taking various factors into consideration, is challenging without expert advice. Markert has the necessary expertise and experience for this, as well as tailor-made products for individual food applications.

The hygiene requirements and laws in the food industry are diverse and depend on products that come into contact with hoses and equipment. Among other things, it is relevant whether the raw products and commodities are solid or liquid. Other exemplary factors for the selection of suitable and permissible materials for food contact are pressure, friction and conductivity, as well as the temperature and the alcohol or fat content of the food. In some areas, the range of different material combinations has increased to such an extent that the product selection is very complex. It may even lead to an incorrect choice, causing financial losses. Reasons for this can be, for example, increased wear or the detachment of hose components. With the expertise of Markert and the use of durable hose systems, the selection is simplified, processes optimised and losses avoided.

Optimisations through Markert from practical experience

Two examples from practical experience:

The drying system of a milk powder manufacturer comes into contact with aggressive acids and alkalis during cleaning, and is also constantly confronted with high ambient temperatures. Classic elastomer hoses cannot permanently withstand these conditions, and therefore age rapidly. An analysis of the underlying factors carried out by Markert helped this customer to select a PTFE hose system that was optimally matched to the process conditions and also had excellent flexibility.

In the case of a juice concentrate manufacturer, NBR hoses had been in use for many years. These were relatively stiff in daily handling and had a significantly reduced service life due to the frequent movements of the hose assemblies. By using a Markert hose variant which is flexible and optimised for weight, handling has been made significantly easier on the one hand, and the service life has been more than doubled on the other.

“With our extensive range of products and various product configurations, we can offer plant manufacturers in the food industry in particular the perfect solution for transporting sensitive products safely and reliably. But we also find the optimal product solution for operators with highly concentrated media such as caffeine, fruit juices or spirits.”

Frank Siemering, Sales Expert for Hose Assemblies in the Markert Group

Our hose systems – tailored to your requirements

With hose systems, Markert can conscientiously serve the specific regulations of the food industry with regard to the materials used and their process integration.

The following table offers a simplified overview of which material should be used when.



Pmax [bar]

Tmax [°C]

Durability index*


Optimised for use with milk products with a high level of handling required. Approx. 15% more flexibility than NBR.





The standard for foods containing fat (sunflower oil, milk products, etc.).





For food applications with high temperatures. For cleaning processes with hot water/steam in particular.





For drinks such as beer and wine, as it is tasteless and odourless.





For pulverised and powdered foods. Abrasion-proof and anti-static.





For when high durability is required due to high alcohol content and/or aggressive cleaning processes.





For when high durability is required due to high alcohol content and/or aggressive cleaning processes. More flexible than UPE or PTFE.





When the highest durability is required.




*The durability index is a rough indicator of the range of chemical resistance of the material. Materials with a low index can be used for the media mentioned but only for other media to a limited extent.

Analysis and consultation by Markert

After an in-depth analysis and on-site consultation, the hose system is tailored precisely to your needs. There are various design options - from the Crush variant, which reduces the risk of permanent hose deformation (e.g. when driven over) thanks to an internal thermoplastic spiral, to high-pressure designs up to 16 bar (e.g. for breweries or cleaning), to the weight-optimised and flexible ultra-light system. We also offer all hoses (bulk goods) as ready-made hose assemblies, which are configured with connections and couplings according to your individual customer specifications. These allow for precise integration into your processes. Classification according to the Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EU) and corresponding test documentation according to EN 10204 3.1 are part of the standard scope of delivery of our food hose assemblies. You can get additional information on models, construction and pricing factors from the product specifications [downloadable PDF].

Feel free to contact us

Contact us, so that we can provide individual consultancy and make a proposal which is specific to your needs. Please provide particulars on your hoses, application and your company. Please use our process questionnaire for this purpose. You can fill it out and it send to us by e-mail, post or fax.

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