marsoflex® double hose systems: our White Paper sums up the most important points for you

High-quality hose assemblies are essential in many areas of industry. Flammable liquids and gases also need to make it from point A to point B – and that is not without its hazards. Markert’s double hose systems ensure the safe transportation of critical media such as these. Learn more in our White Paper.

Wherever diesel, methanol, hydrochloric acid, soda lye, kerosene or other aggressive media need to be transported, it is absolutely essential that the hose assemblies undergo regular inspection. This is the only way to ensure that the lines are stable and leakproof at all times. Even the smallest leak can allow fluids to escape from the system. But carrying out this type of inspection is extremely hard to do in many cases, if possible at all, and it is often associated with risks.

For better safety – double hose systems from Markert

As experts in industrial hose assemblies, we are leaders in the research and development of long-lasting hose lines that are used in many areas of industry. With our double hose systems, which are specially designed for the transportation of critical media and can also be customised according to our customers’ needs, we are expanding our range of products to include yet another innovative hose solution.

“A high degree of safety is required, especially in industries where flammable or aggressive chemical fluids are transported through hose lines. Our individually designed marsoflex® double hose systems will keep you safe.”

Frank Siemerung, Sales Expert for Hose Assemblies in the Markert Group.

Transport aggressive chemicals or flammable media safely

What makes the marsoflex® double hose systems different from other hose solutions that carry critical media? What makes our product safer than comparable solutions that are already on the market?

In this document, you will learn more about a number of topics, including the following:

  • The double hose system design
  • Various technologies that simplify hose monitoring
  • Product variants and examples of applications
  • What sets the Markert group apart as an expert in industrial hose solutions

You can count on us: Quality from Markert

We have devoted ourselves to the development of tailor-made industrial hose lines for almost a century. The marsoflex® double hose system is another innovation born of our passion for groundbreaking hose solutions. Thanks to years of experience and research, we can now offer you better safety when it comes to transporting aggressive and critical media.