Our single-use systems: Our white paper now contains interesting facts for you to read.

Single-use systems are mainly used in pharmacy and biotechnology. We have summarized important information about single-use hosing systems for you in our white paper.

Unlike components made of glass or stainless steel, for example, single-use systems are disposed of after a single use. This can result in large quantities of waste - but saves costly and energy-intensive cleaning processes. As specialists for industrial hose lines, we provide you with comprehensive advice to work out the best solution for your needs. Our single-use systems offer advantages that are particularly important for pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

Clean work: single-use hose systems from Markert

Our single-use systems are used, for example, in biopharmaceutical processes in which animal cell cultures play a role. Here, a distinction is made between so-called upstream processes (USP) and downstream processes (DSP) - whereby single-use systems have only been used in the downstream process for a relatively short time. In our white paper you can learn more about the use of single-use systems for USP and DSP in the biopharmaceutical industry.

"Markert's single-use systems are, in the truest sense of the word, 'unique'. This is because, among other things, they are perfectly tailored to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry - and offer several advantages. For example, cost- and time-intensive cleaning processes are eliminated."

Jan-Phillip Matthies, Sales Expert Hose Assemblies at the Markert Group

Complex things at a glance: We clarify!

What exactly can you expect from the single-use systems from Markert? What about the cost-benefit ratio? What material are single-use systems made of? How are single-use systems packaged?

We explain all this – and much more – in the document. Read also:

  • For which Markert products our process development team has performed validation studies using extractables
  • Which approvals, important for the use of single-use systems in the pharmaceutical industry, our products have received
  • Why silicone is the preferred material for single-use systems
  • What distinguishes platinum-added silicones and why they are particularly suitable for pharmaceutical applications
  • What is meant by peroxide-cured silicones
  • In which dimensions our single-use systems are available
  • What advantages and disadvantages have the use of single-use systems

Markert quality

For more than 90 years, the Markert Group has been your expert for industrial hose lines that facilitate processes in many different industries. We live innovation, quality and professionalism - these are values that numerous customers from all over the world appreciate about us. The single-use systems are also a result of our many years of experience.

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