The use of PTFE in the manufacturing process of hose systems: In our white paper we clarify

In demand in various industries: Find out in our white paper why PTFE hose systems are the best technical solution for many applications and read what makes PTFE so unique.

The material PTFE, better known as "Teflon", comes along  with excellent properties. As specialists in hose assemblies, we use PTFE to manufacture high-quality and durable hoses used in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. 

Our PTFE hose assemblies: Highest quality standards

Markert manufactures PTFE hoses exclusively from high-quality PTFE: the properties of PTFE can be adapted or optimized by various additives and processes. In our white paper, we explain why Markert PTFE hoses have a higher elongation at break, how PTFE becomes conductive, and how an absolutely clean and smooth surface can be ensured.

In addition, Markert is able to adapt the PTFE tubing to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry: Coextruded PTFE liners have a white appearance and a very smooth and transparent inner layer. This makes them particularly suitable for pharmaceutical applications. 

In general, PTFE is an all-round talent that serves many purposes. Read about the advantages PTFE has over other materials in our white paper.

"PTFE, or Teflon, is a genuine all-purpose material. It is known primarily for its non-stick effect and high temperature resistance. But PTFE has much more to offer"

Jan-Phillip Matthies, sales expert at the Markert Group.

PTFE under the microscope: approvals and guidelines

Hose systems manufactured with the material PTFE and intended for the pharmaceutical, food or chemical industries are subject to strict requirements. They are subjected to various tests and must pass strict approval regulations. In addition, it must be confirmed that the products have not come into contact with animal ingredients. Markert's PTFE hoses have ADI-free certification and are free of BSE, TSE and GMU. 

You have questions - we provide answers

In the white paper, the following points are additionally explained:

  • Which main test the material must pass
  • The main technical properties of PTFE
  • In which way to connect PTFE hose assemblies to fittings
  • How we can increase the flexibility and bending radius of PTFE hoses
  • What are the four surface structures
  • Which PTFE hose is suitable for which application
  • How PTFE hoses perform on sustainability issues

Markert: Our team of experts is there for you

The Markert Group is a leading supplier of hose assemblies for industrial, chemical and pharmaceutical use as well as hose technology. Many years of research and development distinguish us. This allows us to offer innovative products that are durable and long-lasting. Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us - we are always ready to advise you.


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